Crystel Anne Lovea Bandal is an Australian model, actor, singer, model coach and video presenter. She is the host of Behind The Lens, an online series where she features and interviews people from different height and level in the industry.


Behind The Lens was created brought by her own experiences and struggles as a new face in the fashion and entertainment industry. She was a target of haters and cyberbullying, but because of the firm support of her parents and family, Crystel manages to get up and stay strong in achieving her dreams. However, she witnesses the others experiencing the same thing but struggling mentally, physically and emotionally. With the assistance of her mum, she found an excellent opportunity to help others by gathering facts and information from trusted people in the industry who openly share their story to educate the aspiring talents and youth. She is encouraging them to be brave, cautious, wise and smart in pursuing their dreams.


As Crystel strongly advocates for mental health, education and cyberbullying. She is also inspiring and helping new talents by sharing her skills as a model coach at Runway Academy.


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